Prague day 1

Another underestimated city! Founded in the 6th century, it's the 5th most visited European. With 9 palaces, incredible cathedrals, old town, and so much more, it's easy to see why. I decided to start big by seeing the captivating St. Vitus cathedral! It was grand to say the least! The Gothic building within the Prague castle complex began construction in 1344 and didn't finish for 600 years. It shows off its 97m height and 124m length with vaulted ceilings, intricate stained glass windows, gold sculptures at each bay, and the St. Wenceslas chapel within. Jaw-dropping no matter where you look! 
Next stop...I had no idea! I got lost! I found myself in the gardens of one of the palaces (I later discovered). Walking into the open gates, I was welcomed by a large pond with golden carp the size of the 2 year old child feeding them! As they literally jumped out of the water, several white and coloured peacocks strolled past into the perfectly kept gardens. The gardens were complete with maze-like hedges, sculptures, an aviary filled with exotic birds, and a large fountain. I would recommend a visit if only I knew what it was! Then, on my path to location-confusion recovery, I found an incredible lookout over the city! The things you find when you’re lost!!
Once I got my bearings,  I made my way through yhe “royal town” of the 13th century, Malá Strana (filled with beautiful Baroque architecture), over the Charles bridge, and into old town. This bustling area holds attractions like the oldest running astronomical clock in the world, the historical complex of beautiful buildings known as "the Clementinum", and streets filled of food, shops, and shows. Within Clementium, I hoped to visit the most beautiful library, but it was CLOSED for renovations (booooo). So to make myself feel better I bought a ticket to an orchestra performance in the Mirror Chapel – in which Wolfgang Mozart himself played on its very organ! 
After being sufficiently blown away by the speed and coordination of the violinists fingers, I finished my day with having a traditional Trdelník (a pastry dough in the shape of a cup warmed up over charcoal, covered in cinnamon and sugar, and filled with chocolate, ice cream, and anything your heart desires!)
8 hours, 18,000 steps, 2 trams, and I have a big day tomorrow.