Happy La Fête Nationale!

Celebrating the French holiday in style, I popped a small bottle of  champagne (yes, the true champagne) and admired the Eiffel tower from the gardens below, while munching on a cheese, bread, and fruit Breakfast. This is what life should be like! Framed by the coloured trees, and perfectly kept greens, I felt like I was sitting in a postcard!

With a quick train ride south west, I showed up at the doors to the one and only-Palace Versailles. Showing off from the first sight with its brilliant golden gates, and golden accents on the roof, it did not stop impressing the thousands of palace goers. Giving us a step by step outline of the construction of this home, it was grand from the first room to the last, ensuring no ceiling be without the most magnificent art, framed by gold and/or marble columns, crystal chandeliers, and obnoxiously expensive wall coverings (be it more paintings of the ‘captain hook’ looking rulers, or drapes of the finest material, or crystal lamps carved of marble in the shape of cupid). I was in awe. And to compliment such beauty, the several acres of maze like gardens, filled with beautifully made fountains, and the most lovely flora, and fauna, it’s easy to spend all day being swept up in 16th century royalty living.

Then, from rags to riches (well..vice-versa) I entered the Catacombs of Paris! The most unique experience so far! The macabre site was the one place I was happy to have people surrounding me. The tunnels being originally used as a mines for limestone in the 16th century, was then used as a tomb for over 6 million parisiens. Hundreds of meters of tight underground tunnels,  to then be face to "face" with the remains of the dead.....it was chilling.

And last but not least, I attended the Eiffel tower fireworks in celebration of Bastille day! What a way to end my Friday!

17 hours, 5 trains, over 20,000 steps – I’m beat!

The beautiful doors in the Palace 

The beautiful doors in the Palace